Monday, February 20, 2017

Useful Phrases for Coffee Shops

Always remember, if you don't feel comfortable speaking, you can simply show the server your phone and point the the phrase you need. 

Things you need to know when you order:
  • The barista will want to know if you want the coffee hot or cold. In the summer they will assume you want all drinks cold is you don't clarify.
  • American style drip coffee is usually not available, so you will ask for hand-drip.
  • Although the names of coffee are western, you will need to use the Korean pronunciation.
  • Most stores do not have decaf, low-fat milk, or soy milk.
  • In Korea, coffee is best considered a slow food. It's not about speed. Don't expect to be in and out of a fancy coffee shop fast.
  • The local taste prefers a lighter, weaker coffee. If you want strong coffee you will need to let the barista know.
  • Latte's are often JUST milk. If you want coffee in your latte you will need to clarify this.


Espresso 에스프레소 (eseupeuleso)
Americano 아메리카노 (amelikano)
Latte 라떼 (latte)
Dutch Coffee 더치 커피 (deochi keopi)
Cappuccino 카프치노 (kapuchino)
iced 아이스 (aiseu)
hot 뜨거운 (tteugeoun)


  • Please give me an (Espresso).
(에스프레소) 주세요. eseupeuleso juseyo.

  • Is there soy milk?
두유 있어요? Duyu iss-eoyo? 

  • Please make mine strong. 
진하게 해 주세요. jinhage hae juseyo.

  • Please make mine weak.
연하게 해 주세요. yeonhage hae juseyo.

  • Yes, please make it to go.
포장해 주세요. pojanghae juseyo.

  • Where is the sugar?
설탕은 어디에 있습니까? seoltang-eun eodie issseubnikka?


  • Please remove the whip cream.
생크림 빼주세요. saengkeulim ppaejuseyo.

  • Please remove the milk. (No milk, please.)
우유 빼 주세요. Uyu ppae juseyo.

  • Don’t make my drink too sweet, please.
너무 달게 하지 마세요. Neomu dalge haji maseyo. 

  • This isn’t what I ordered
제가 시킨 게 아니에요. Jega sikin ge anieyo.


  • Do you take credit cards?
카드 돼요? [kadeu dwaeyo?]

  • What is the wifi password?
비밀 번호 알려 주세요? [bimil beonho allyeo juseyo?]

  • Where are your electrical outlets?
콘센트 어디에 있어요? [konsenteu eodie iss-eoyo?]

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